How to Set Practice Fees

ICD 10 CM General Coding Guidelines

Webinar Title: How to Set Practice Fees

Speaker: Nikki Taylor

Webinar copy follows:

CodingCon 2015 is the most specialty-specific interactive coding conference you’ll find in the industry. Join us in Orlando, FL from December 2 - 4 for the latest updates from nationally-recognized experts on medical coding, billing, and compliance.

Want the inside scoop on what you’ll experience at CodingCon? Join Nikki Taylor, MBA, CPC, COC, CPMA for a sneak preview of Chip Hart’s three-part session on setting pediatric practice fees and compensating clinicians.

Nikki walks you through a sneak peek of the highlights of Chip Hart’s session including a long overdue review of the RVU system - the basis for setting practice fees:

Session 1: How to Set Prices Fairly and Accurately

  • Learn ins and outs of the RVU system
  • Understand the breakdown of the 3 components of the RVU
  • Calculate the RVU and dollar value for specific services
  • Apply real-world RVU benchmarks to services

Session 2: The Pediatric Paycheck-Working Compensation Models

  • Lean the essentials to set clinicians’ compensation within your practice
  • Analyze unique compensation surveys of pediatricians
  • Compare productivity and salary-based compensation models
  • Solve the dilemma of what physicians really want when it comes to compensation
  • Gain practical advice on how to discuss compensation

Session 3: How Much Should I Pay My Employed Clinician?

  • Take the guesswork out of salary negotiations
  • Chart out important considerations before hiring a clinician
  • Evaluate real world survey data
  • Gauge the importance of “income” vs. “flexibility”
  • Master how to calculate max salary

Who should attend Nikki’s sneak preview:

  • Practice Managers
  • Office Managers
  • Physicians (MD)
  • Certified Medical Coders (CPC®)
  • Pediatric Coders (CPEDC™)
  • Billing/Reimbursement Specialists