ICD-10-CM Documentation and Specialty Specific Coding Tips

ICD 10 CM General Coding Guidelines

Webinar Title: ICD-10-CM Documentation and Specialty Specific Coding Tips

Speaker: Nikki Taylor

Webinar copy follows:

Now that ICD-10 is here, are you clear on all of the documentation requirements and guidelines needed to be successful?

Is it a challenge to navigate through all of the rules and guidelines for ICD-10-CM? Are you unsure about proper provider documentation? Clear up the confusion and gain expert advice on coding difficult Ob-gyn, orthopedics, or cardiology cases for ICD-10-CM.

Nikki Taylor, CPC, COC, CPMA walks you through a Sneak Preview of the ICD-10-CM session from nationally recognized speaker, Amy Pritchett, BSHA, CPC, CPC-I, CANPC, CASCC, CEDC, CASCC, CRC, CCS, CDMP, CMPM, ICDCT-CM-PCS, CMRS, C-AHI, who uses real-life scenarios to help you navigate through coding documentation requirements. Ms. Pritchett relies on her 20 years of experience in coding multiple specialties to teach you the ins and outs of ICD-10-CM coding by specialty. Get a Sneak Preview of the expert guidance you’ll find at CodingCon 2015, including Nikki’s sneak peek at the hot topics for ICD-10-CM.

Session Highlights:

  • Gain insights into your most challenging cardiology coding scenarios while using ICD-10-CM
  • Understand the many nuances of Ob-Gyn ICD-10-CM coding including assigning the trimester and weeks of gestation
  • Navigate through complicated ICD-10-CM guidelines, conventions, dummy placeholder, and 7th character
  • Review examples of poor documentation and learn the documentation “musts” for accurate coding and reporting ICD-10-CM codes to payers
  • Take Charge as you move into 2016 by gaining in-depth coding clarification for the new year

CodingCon 2015, December 2-4, in Orlando, Florida, is the most interactive and educational coding training in the industry with instructor-led classroom sessions that provide you with plenty of practice to use your new skills immediately. Plus you’ll have the opportunity to earn 18 CEUs! (CPC®, CCC™, COBGB™, COSC™, COC™, CPC-P®, CPCO™, CPMA®, CASCC™, CGIC™)

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